• Melissa

    Melissa Gilchrist is the 4C Education Coordinator for 4C and during her nine years with us she has been a Teacher, a Director/FCA and now a Coordinator.  Melissa's responsibilities include making sure that the teaching staff is adequately trained, that the Head Start and NAEYC requirements are met and that children are learning what they need to know in order to be successful when they enter school.  She is in charge of our research-based curricula, our TSGold online assessment system and our School Readiness Plan.  When she collects the data for our children and sends that data to an independent consultant for analysis, her job is to study that data analysis and then plan training for teachers to implement new ideas for engaging children.  Since we measure our children's progress, she is the one to make that system run smoothly and produce positive developmental results for our children.  Melissa oversees our coaching program which helps new staff transition into Head Start's coordinated approach to education and also provides a supportive network for teachers reaching for excellence. 

    Melissa graduated summa cum laude from Ashford University with a Bachelor's degree in Child Development and she  received the 4C's Leadership Award in 2017 for her calm direction during a trying time of transition into a new facility and with outstanding help for her families.

    You can reach Melissa at 254-449-9001 Extension 204 or Fax at 254-245-8098 or email her at melissa.gilchrist@ct4c.org