• Volunteering in our centers is a beneficial two-way street!  When you volunteer in one of our classrooms or kitchens, you certainly help the staff.  As you know, when dealing with a roomful of rambunctious children, you always need more than two hands.  Volunteers provide extra help for teachers.  But if you volunteer, you might also be helping a small child learn to improve speech, learn new words, or help a child who has a disability reach his full potential.  You might find out that working in early childhood education is a field you might like to choose for your career.   

    Thirty-three (33%) percent of our staff is made up of former or current Head Start parents who began by volunteering in our classrooms. They applied for a job (parents and volunteers get first notice of jobs) and then the agency paid for them to get their college degrees. All volunteers in our classrooms must be at least 18 years old and pass a background check. Then there is volunteer training to help prepare for classroom activity.  In our over 46 years of working with children, we have learned a lot about how children learn and are eager to share that knowledge with our volunteers and parents.  Of course, the other side of that is the fact that we learn a lot from our parents and volunteers, too!