Who We Are

  • Central Texas 4C, Inc. is a non-profit agency which has served Central Texans for over 40 years.  Most people call us simply "4C" which stands for Community Choices in Children's Care.  4C operates sixteen Head Start centers which annually serve over 700 children ages 0-5 in the cities of Temple, Belton, Killeen, Harker Heights, Troy, Holland and Copperas Cove, Texas.  (Check the LOCATIONS tab for each center's ages served.  Some serve only 0-3, some serve 3-5 and some serve 0-5.)  Fort Hood, the largest military base in the world, is adjacent to our cities.  Some of our Pre-K centers are in collaboration with our ISD partners and some of our 0-3 centers are housed in the public schools to serve student parents who are working hard to graduate from school. 


What We Do

  • Besides providing developmentally appropriate education to income eligible children ages 0-5, we provide to the Head Start child and family: Health and Nutrition Services, Mental Health Services, Disability Services, Transition Services, Social Services, Literacy Services and other parent education opportunities.
    We accept applications all year. Our waiting list is not a first come/first served list.  It is a criteria points list so we can assure the taxpayer that we are serving the neediest families first.  There is no cost for eligible families.


Current News

  • Yesterday, (12/9/2020) the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released a report highlighting Head Start's effective response in managing the spread of COVID-19.  The report cited Head Start's success as an example that should be followed throughout the early learning and child care system and cited the critical role that increased funding played.  We couldn't agree more--well done, Head Start"  As NHSA's Yasmina Vinci stated, "Head Start was able to quickly and effectively respond...."

    And our 4C staff has done a hard job very well.  Maybe if we all continue to act as if we all have COVID, then maybe none of us will get it! 

    AND--We continue to pay attention to the significance of racial equality and how it connects fundamentally to the core values and commitment that we in Head Start uphold daily–the commitment to ensuring that every child, regardless of circumstances at birth or color of their skin, must have the opportunity to succeed. Head Start’s commitment began in 1965 and it is more important than ever to uphold this promise.  The problems we may face are not the childrens' fault.  The children are the shining hope that gives our work meaning.  When we finally get control of this virus, we want everyone to feel free to come visit one of our Head Start classrooms.  You will leave with a sense of joy and peace when you watch children's natural curiosity at work.  Besides, they are really funny little people, and we all need to be able to laugh more these days!


    Interested in "Head Starting" your kids?  



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