• Central Texas 4C, Inc. Privacy Statement

    As part of delivering Head Start services, Central Texas 4C collects Personally Identifiable Information (PII) in order to individualize services and effect the greatest progress for our children and families.

    Who has access and how do we protect PII?  Staff, child and family information in our electronic systems is kept behind firewalls and protected by anti-viral software and multi-level password systems.  Certain staff, auditors, State and Federal monitors, professional service providers and others as required by law may have access to that information only on a need-to-know basis.  Electronic data can only be accessed by the password of an individual with permission to view and confidential information on paper is maintained under lock and key. 

    How do we use the information?  All information is used to benefit the Head Start child and family and may be used to determine training needs of staff, topics of interest for parent education, measuring child outcomes, determining best practice, continuous improvement and community assessment.  We are careful not to share personally identifiable information (PII) with anyone without careful consideration on a need-to-know and event permission basis only.  Other general information that we share with anyone wanting to learn more about 4C is based on aggregated data that can never be tracked back to any individual.

    We consider confidentiality and trust to be at the very core of our agency values.