• NOW COMES THE FUN PART--LOTS OF PAPERWORK!  Please note:  We accept applications all year long, but we start over every year in March.  If your child did not get in the first year you applied, you have to do another application the next spring. (We told you it was a lot of paper!!!)

    Notice: Our HEAD START APPLICATION is online so that you can print it out to attach to all the required documentation.  A delay in processing your application will occur if all documentation is not attached.  Your application will not be considered complete until we have the printed application and copies of all of the following papers: To be safe, print the form AND save it to your computer. 
    1. Child's birth certificate.

    2. Child's Medicaid card if on Medicaid.

    3. Proof of income for child's parents in the household includes ONE of the following:

       A)  SNAP printout will automatically qualify you for Head Start services; OR

       B)  check stubs for the 12 months immediately preceding the month you are applying.  For example, if you are applying in April 2023, include the 12 check stubs for April 2022 through              March 2023; OR

       C)  check stubs for the entire preceding calendar year.  For example, if you apply in April of 2022, you can use check stubs from Jan.-Dec. of 2021.); OR

       D)  Employer Verification Letter.  If you are recently unemployed and/or have started new job, please submit the last pay stub from previous job also; OR
       E)  ALL W-2 Forms from parents in the household; OR  1040 Tax Form;
      PLUS  F) Award letters such as Pell Grants or scholarships or the 1099 Form for Pell Grant; AND G) TANF;  AND H) SSI AND H) Social Security Income. 
      Finally) If you are self-employed, you may submit either your 1040 Tax Form or a business Profit and Loss (P&L) Statement or the Self-Declaration Letter below.

    4. Military family only--For proof of your income, the following are accepted: LES (12 consecutive) or W-2; Retired/Disability income; Scholarship/GI Bill/Housing allowance for school; V.A. Income.

    5. A copy of the parent's picture ID.

    6. The  HOUSING QUESTIONNAIRE. Fill and print out here.

    7. If your child has a disability or a client of ECI, we need copies of the documentation of the diagnosis from a professional to be given added points for selection.

    8.  The SELF-DECLARATION LETTER.  If you are self-employed, unemployed or have no income, please fill out and print this form to attach to your application.
    9.  The Fraud Statement must be signed and accompany your application paperwork.

    HINT: If you are not sure about the drop-down boxes indicating which center is represented by initials (such as BHS=Belton Head Start), go to the locations tab and click "center list."

    NOTE:  Your application can be submitted at four locations:
    Temple Admin Office, 504 North 5th Street, Temple, TX 76501;
    Killeen Downtown Head Start at 802 North 2nd Street, Killeen, TX  76541;
    Belton Head Start, 1640 S. Wall, Belton, TX 76513;
    Harker Heights Head Start, 200 Harley, Harker Heights, TX 76548.   
    Staff will make copies of 1 through 7 above for you to attach to your application. Everyone goes on a waiting list, but it is not a first come, first served list.  It is a points-based list (based on greatest need).  For example, a child with a diagnosed disability gets extra points in the system. When an opening occurs, the child with most points gets the call.
    You may print out the application, take a picture of it (and all those other documents) and email it all to paulette.jeter@ct4c.org  OR  lorraine.martinez@ct4c.org
    (You can also Fax all paperwork to Paulette or Lorraine at 254-501-9544.) 
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