• JJF Janell J. Frazier is the Executive Director of Central Texas 4C and, as she puts it, "Education is in my blood."  She describes herself as an old Texas high school teacher who felt that things would be better for students if someone had helped them more before they got to high school.  So now she works with families expecting their first child as well as families with infants, toddlers and Pre-Kindergarten children.  She has been dedicated to developing programs that measure results in learning acquisition and that continually challenge teachers and families to engage with their very young children.  There has been much research on the brain development of infants and young children that unequivocally proves a child's learning accelerates when his environment is loving, developmentally appropriate, consistent and challenging.  Our programs are based on the old Pestalozzi statement that if you "win the child's heart, you will walk on his mind forever."  We also honor Dr. Gerald Newmark's philosophy (found in his book How to Raise Emotionally Healthy Children) that every child, every parent and every staff person needs five things to succeed; and they are to feel respected, accepted, included, important and safe.
    Janell holds a BA degree from Southern Methodist University, a State of Texas Teacher's Credential, a Master's Degree in Business Management from the University of Central Texas and post graduate work with Marcy Whitebook and Patty Hnautik at Wheelock College in Boston.  She serves on the Board for the Texas Head Start State Collaboration Office and she has been recognized by the National Head Start Association for her advocacy work on behalf of Head Start. Janell was recently honored by the LULAC Herencia Council #4297 with the Lotus of the Year Award which recognizes "outstanding civic, charitable, inspirational leadership and service to the Central Texas community."
    If you would like to contact Janell, her phone number is 254-778-0489, extension 114, and her email is 4c@ct4c.org          
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