• Patsy Hoelscher Patsy Hoelscher, a former Head Start parent, has been the Finance Director for Central Texas 4C, Inc. since March of 2000.  She is an experienced manager and decision maker in the nonprofit arena.  Her background includes being a successful director, planner and specialist in a variety of nonprofit program areas related to Federal and State grants.  She has served in both rural and urban settings.  She is a self-starter, able to analyze and solve work problems under board direction with little supervision, has well developed fiscal management and budget enhancement skills and is finely tuned to attention to regulatory and internal details related to all fiscal matters of 4C.


    Her current responsibilities include: analyzing, tracking and reporting multiple fund revenue and expenditures related to program activities; works closely with the Executive Director in shared decision making related to Agency goals and objectives; works collaboratively with regional office staff and independent auditors to ensure compliance with State and Federal regulations; supports the work of the Finance Committees of the Board of Directors and our parent PolicyCouncil to ensure accurate and current information is related to both governing groups; manages accounting software and banking relations; contributes to the management of personnel wage and benefits administration; and compiles and submits all state and federal employee and tax reports.
    Patsy's contact information is:   Phone:   254-778-0489  Extension 115
                                                       FAX:     254-778-4655
                                                       email:   patsy.hoelscher@ct4c.org