• One way we work with families is to make sure we are doing everything together we can to ensure our Head Start children are successful.  When families and teachers observe the child, document those observations, share and reflect together on what the data means for that particular child, then we can plan incredibly rich experiences for him--because we will know how the child learns and what interests him.

    We have all been in situations or classes when we were students and the teachers were trying to teach us something we just were not interested in at the time.  We didn't learn much!   Infants, toddlers and pre-schoolers don't learn much either if they are not interested.  Our job is to partner with the parent to make that child's day full of fun and interesting things to do so the child can learn. 
    Very young children learn through relationships, play and language.  In fact, the one thing that will help your infant succeed is to talk to him.  Not over or around the child--TO the child.  Narrating what you are doing is one of the very best ways your child learns lots of words.  And research has proven that the number of words your child knows predicts how well he will do later in school. 
    We don't want our classrooms to be quiet.  We want the buzz of learning going all the time! 
    Our School Readiness Plan will be published here in late November.