• Dickson Head Start is a collaborative program with Temple ISD on the Dickson campus.  The program serves children ages 3-5 for the regular school year and children ages 0-3 full year except 2-3 weeks in August when we close for teacher Pre-Service training. Our schedule is the same as Temple ISD during the school year.
    1100 South 33rd Street,   Temple, TX  76504
    254-215-6178 Phone
    254-215-6190  FAX
    254-215-6163  Family & Community Advocate (FCA)
    Co-Director (HS):  Antoinette (Toni) Rockmore-Lavan  Tony 2014
    Co-Director (EHS):  Susanne Siegfried-Wilson Susan Wilson    
    Family and Community Advocates (FCAs):  
    April Rodriguez                              Surya Green
    April      Surya Green