• Marina Tharpe

    Marina Tharpe is Central Texas 4C's Head Start Director for the 0-5 year-old programs.  Marina has an "open door" policy and invites you to please visit anytime. 

    Her children (now either attending or graduated from college) attended the Head Start program and through many hours of volunteering, she became excited about the opportunities the program offers to children and families.  Her professional background as a Registered Nurse with a license to practice in Germany helped her recognize how important it is to receive all the health and nutrition services that Head Start offers. When she attended Head Start Education Advisory Committee meetings and parent Policy Council meetings she learned how important Early Childhood Education was in preparing her children for public school. 

    Her volunteer time also opened new opportunities for her professional development.  When she became employed with Head Start as a Teacher Assistant, she was able to return to college and receive her AA degree in Early Childhood Education and a Bachelors Degree in Social Work (BSW).  She continued next as a classroom teacher, center director, education coordinator, program manager, and finally Head Start Director.

    Her strength to lead this program comes from her well rounded education in many fields of service to diverse populations.  She also has invaluable knowledge of the dedication it takes from our staff members in all position to provide services to our children's families. She's been there, done that!  In addition, she remembers what it meant to immigrate to a new country, to learn a second language, to only have one car or no transportation.  To wonder how to put food on the table and finally, to go back to school while the military husband served in a war zone or was stationed in Korea. Head Start was her support system.

    Her message is that Head Start works!  It gives children and families the opportunity to grow and develop.  With Head Start, families have a friend by their side who has often walked in their shoes and can empathize with their problems and concerns.  When asked about her passionate focus, she replied, "We find a way to empower and support our families in their endeavors.  We find the best ways to engage their children and help speed their learning.  We fight for their success!"
    Marina's contact information:  Phone:   254-778-0489  Extension 116
                                                    FAX:      254-778-4655
                                                    email:    marina.tharpe@ct4c.org