• Because the Federal Head Start Program Performance Standards and the Head Start Act of 2007 require not only a Board of Directors, but also a Parent Policy Council to lead the program, we have "shared governance" in that both governing bodies have specific duties and work together to advise and consent to actions by management.  One way the two groups work together is the fact that the President of the Policy Council sits as a voting member on the agency's Board of Directors.  A Director can be elected as a Community Representative on the Policy council.  Both groups must agree before management can operate.  It is a unique and very strong method of assuring that the people being served are part of the planning/governing group!  The Board of Directors consists of 15 volunteer voting members.  The Policy Council consists of one voting member per class/group so that all children and families are represented.

    Current Policy Council President is Ynetta Johnson and Current President of the Board of Directors is Marion Brakebill.